Short of the Day: Scrambled (2013)

Scrambled Title

A bizarre short film that won Best Film at Murdoch’s My Film Fest in Dubai.

A man having trouble sleeping calls up a friend to keep him company in the middle of the night. His friend then jokes about an urban legend known as none other than the “Blood Fairy”. The Blood Fairy is a shapeless entity who is said to appear if a person loses any amount of blood in the middle of the night. The Blood Fairy will come and claim the rest of the person’s blood. As luck would have it, the man cuts his finger whilst making himself a late night snack. His doorbell is rung and he is left a random letter. The night goes on as he is continuously finding more letters. A series of strange events only lead him to believe that the Blood Fairy is real and has come to claim his blood.

Check out this interesting short full of creepy, bloody goodness!


Spill some blood!

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