I Can Tell They are Talking Just By How They Look At Me

            This holiday season I decided to take a trip and visit Pittsburgh. I’d never been and it seemed like a curious place based on its past. In addition to my level of intrigue, I’d never been to a true “inner city”. I’m from New York myself, and I don’t consider New York City to be a part of that. It’s different somehow.
            I took a grueling Amtrak ride which I absolutely hated. It was hard for me to sit on the train and not want to stay. Compressed and cramped in a small two-seater with my best friend, I somehow didn’t want the ride to end.
            Looking out the window I was able to view a beautiful landscape. For me, this was tantalizing but invoked my true inclination towards nature. As I got further away from New York, trees began to appear more frequently. Initially I found them comforting and peaceful. And then the spindly white trees would appear occasionally in the flurry of brown trees. I’m not sure why but, these white trees had something truly nefarious about them.
            There would be one white tree for every 40 or so brown ones. I was curious as to why it happened this way. It’s quite possible the trees were shedding. Or maybe an entirely different species all together. If they were a different species, then my next question is why do they behave so nicely together? In addition to this, the white trees would randomly vanish for inconsistent stretches of time.
            Their branches appeared longer, bolder, and sharper. I’m sure there was a natural explanation for their occurrence but I instinctively thought horror. I began to keep an eye on them quietly, making sure none got closer. They just looked like they were ready to suck out my soul any minute. And that sincerely terrified me.
            Getting closer to the wispy trees was my sole motive for wishing to depart. Creepy and mangled they may be but, the atmosphere created there was thicker than tar. I wanted to be entangled within their branches. These rangy trees are enticing but immensely horrifying. So much is to be learned from their realm of existence.


Spill some blood!

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