Big Game

Made by Iris Hopp

Made by Iris Hopp

            “Oh Danny Boy…” hummed Wesley as he skinned his pet rabbit named Danny. His father taught him all he knew about properly skinning an animal. Wesley’s father sang “Oh Danny Boy” when he skinned animals in the yard. Like father, like son they always say. There had been no wild game caught this particular morning. Wesley felt the urge to skin. The rabbit named Danny who he’d been tending to grew ill. It didn’t run around as frequently in its pen anymore. Wesley loved that rabbit more than his own family. He never liked them but that was beside the point.
            It was late November and the leaves were nicely colored. The sky was a beautiful auburn color that matched Wesley’s hair. I guess you could say he was from Elsewhere because no one else in his family had hair that color. However, two parents, Gracie and Rupert raised him to be the killer he is today. This wasn’t Wesley’s choice but what can you do when your dad makes it his business to teach humans a lesson about hitchhiking. Most times Wes didn’t want much to do with it but, his dad wore the pants all the time.
   &nbspThey’d be coming in from their long day of catching wild game and Rupert would put on his leather gloves and say
            “Now it’s time for the domesticated game.”
            Wes would then reply back “What do you mean Pa?”
            “Soon, soon” was all Wesley’s father would ever reply.
They would get in the truck with the wild game by 8:30 at night. Rupert however was just beginning his quest for humans. Wesley noticed his peculiar behavior at about the age of 9 when they passed the same highway marker about 5 times. He finally decided to speak up.
            “Dad? Are we going home?” asked Wes.
            “Not yet son. I haven’t caught my big game for the day.
Wesley looked puzzled.
            “But I thought the deer was the big game for the…” he trailed off when he saw Rupert stop just out of sight from a man who looked maybe 25 with a knapsack that was bigger than him.
            “Now pipe down boy” said his father.
Wesley did as he was told and watched closely. Rupert stopped a few feet away from the disoriented looking man and rolled down the passenger side window.
            “You lost mate?” asked Rupert.
            “Yes! I’ve been waiting ages for someone to pass by and assist me.”
            “Why don’t you hop in the back and I’ll take you back to my place and get things sorted there.”
            “Sure thing man.”
Wesley was quiet. His dad smirked at him. The passenger in the back, whose name they found out to be Ronald, sat in the brisk truck awaiting his arrival to Rupert’s nicely sized house with a secluded shed. The pickup-truck slowed to a stop towards the back of the cabin. Ronald hopped out and so did Rupert. Wes stayed in his seat but he noticed that his father grabbed a handkerchief.
            “Let me take you around the front” said Rupert.
            “Thanks a bunch” Ronald replied eagerly.
            “By the way I’ve been wondering if my handkerchief has flowers or stars.”
Rupert slowly raised it to Ronald’s face.
            “What’s that sme—”
Before Ronald could even say smell, the chloroform made him meet the ground. Ronald was skinny and Rupert didn’t need any assistance dragging him to the shed. Wesley tried to peep through the foggy windows but couldn’t make out much. Rupert reached the shed and set his timer for 45 minutes. That was 15 minutes less than when the chloroform would wear off. That was more than enough time to get on with the deed. Rupert emptied out his pockets and found his id and some 65 cents. He did however need another set of hands to hold the arms and legs together. Rupert stuck his head out and hollered to Wes to come in.
            “Just hold his hands for me while I bind them.”
            “Sure dad.”
After this was done, Wesley was very observant in watching his father pull out the teeth one by one. Ronald woke way before 45 minutes but was gagged and would pass out from the pain anyways. When he did pass out, Rupert placed him in the wheel barrow and wheeled him to the creek.
            And this was their first big game of the week.


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