Bloody Arts

Failure means death.

Failure means death.

            A man named Jim was filled with arrogance. He felt that all of his skills were important to the world. He was also a serial killer. Before taking someone’s life he would allow them to watch him complete tasks which required a high level of skill and knowledge. This was not anything like watching someone paint a picture with their eyes closed. No. This was far darker.
            Quite naturally the victims were strapped down to a chair of sorts. He had fashioned together a chair which resembled that of an insane asylum. Their eyes were pinned open, forcing them to look at whatever evil skill he chose showcase that night. Some of his favorites were open heart surgery, taxidermy, skinning, and an awake craniotomy.
            Most of his crafts were performed on the individual victims themselves. If they were unable to directly see it, a series of mirrors was set up. But for things like taxidermy, another victim was used or Jim would show them his artfully designed collection of horrors.
            Jim would define himself as an exhibitionist. His audience however, would rarely make it to the next day. But, Jim kept showcasing his skills because he knew that no matter what, they had to watch him through the pain. Pinning their eyelids open was always the most difficult task at hand. He had to be careful with them. Every little squirm and twitch would increase his risk for taking their eyesight. That was not his goal. Jim often considered what he would even do if that ever happened.
            He would strip himself of all titles and then turn himself in. It would be a shameful thing to do because he considered himself a master. And we all know, masters never fail.
“I Got Skills.”


Spill some blood!

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