I Want to Believe

Photo Credits: Tentacles by AureliusCat on Deviant Art

            As much as Sox Fulder wanted to prove to his acquaintances the existence of humans, he just couldn’t. His evidence was always stolen, memory erased, or he simply misplaced his journal. Whispers circulated the room when he entered. He immediately thought conspiracy. Sox was inclined to believe that the humans were working with his peers. They most definitely wanted him dead.
            Of course Sox wanted to believe this was untrue but how could he when all of the evidence lead back to this one simple conclusion.Sox was a dead man walking. His hibernation chamber was always half empty instead of full, he never saw the light side of the moon, and time moved so quickly. They were tampering with his reality to eliminate him.
            Sox finished his daily tasks,which would normally take him 50 hours, in a mere seven hours. He had no way to prove it but he felt it in every last tentacle. They swayed back and forth whenever something normal was near. When he was younger, he told everyone that it was his own special talent but, in truth he has no control over it at all.
            As the day went on, his physiology changed. Instead of 80 tentacles, he now had four. His suckers were gone and they were replaced with hair. Sox’s head shrunk and body extended. Hair formed on his head and he developed ears. He was walking, like a human. He couldn’t believe it.
            Sox ran to the citadel to prove everyone wrong. When he got there everyone stared at him wide-eyed. His species had never seen anything like that before. Before he could even present himself they attacked. Their mission was complete.

Sox is dead.

“In Good Faith.”


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