Clowns in Horror


( It, 1990,Tommy Lee Wallace)

Motive: Pennywise awakens every 30 years to feed.

How to Kill: Face your fears!

Noteworthy Sayings: We all float down here.


(Stitches,2012,Conor McMahon)

Motive: At Tom’s 10th birthday party, the bratty children mistreat Stitches. After several giggles and jokes, one final joke by the children goes horribly awry and results in the death of Stitches. He dies and holds this grudge against the children who wronged him at the party.

How to kill: After being tormented for several years,Tom researches the ceremony he witnessed as a child at Stitches’ funeral and learns that in order to destroy the clown, he must destroy his Spiritus Singularum.

Noteworthy sayings: Everybody happy!

 Art the Clown

(All Hallows Eve,2013,Damien Leone)

Motive: Unknown really. He is silent no matter what. It is possible he sees his murders as Art.

How to kill: To be determined. He is still alive and kicking.

Noteworthy sayings: None, for he doesn’t speak.


(100 Tears,2007, Marcus Koch)

Motive: Wrongfully accused of rape which lead to an unstoppable rampage.

How to kill: He’s only human…

Noteworthy sayings: None. The strong silent type.


(The Clown at Midnight,1999,Jean Pellerin) 

Motive: Denied love

How to kill: Human, so any physical harm.

Noteworthy sayings: None.


Spill some blood!

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