The Burning Dead (2015) Review

The Burning Dead (2015)

Directed by Rene Perez

Synopsis: A local sheriff must rescue a dissonant family from an erupting volcano while fighting off a horde of lava filled zombies summoned by an ancient curse.

            The Burning Dead opens with Night Wolf (Danny Trejo) telling a campfire story of an ancient curse to the local Native American Children. We are then shown settlers from 1846 who were affected by some evil force and essentially became zombies, eating the remaining settlers. Queue up the volcanic eruption of 1846 and we are brought back to present day. Volcanologist Dr. Stevens (Kyle T. Heffner) and temporary employee Eve Jones (Julia Lehman) measure volcanic activity only to find Devils Peak could erupt any day now.
            Fast forward a bit more to the Roberts family reunion. The mother, Mindy Roberts (Moniqua Plante) is blessed with a surprise visit from her daughter Nicole (Nicole Cummins) and boyfriend Ryan Jacobs (Kevin Norman). Mindy is worried because her daughter shouldn’t even be in town with the impending eruption. On top of this, she now has to convince her stubborn father Ben (Robert F. Lyons), who hasn’t returned her calls in 10 years, to leave with her. Sprinkle in a bit more family drama, lava filled zombie, et voilà we have The Burning Dead.
            Danny Trejo, Zombies, and Lava The Burning Dead is just that. The movie is advertised in a way that makes it seem like there will be more of Danny Trejo than their actually is. I would have rather watched 90 minutes of him slaying zombies while using a Machete. Instead, I have to listen to a a silly family go back and forth. The parts that were intended to be comedic, I felt bored to be honest. There is nothing spectacular about The Burning Dead. It’s one of those situations that come out of a scenario asking “I wonder what would happen if zombies were made of lava”? I did however like how well they made the low-budget graphics work for them. It’s laughable but understood.
            line for this movie is to pass. I’d only recommend it if there’s some burning desire within to see lava filled zombies and nothing more.Aside from that, just go watch Machete or even Spy Kids if you want to take it one step further. Those movies are at least remotely entertaining. The Burning Dead is not.


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