Buddy Hutchins Review (2015)

Buddy Hutchins (2015)

Directed by Jared Cohn

Synopsis: Courtesy of Switzer Entertainment Group
Buddy Hutchins is just a regular guy doing his best to support a wife and two kids. A recovering alcoholic, Buddy hasn’t had a drink for the better part of a year, but it turns out the only reward for his good behavior is a failing business and a cheating wife. Throw in a ruthless bounty hunter and a hot-tempered ex, and Buddy’s already short fuse is about to blow. Pushed over the edge and armed with a chainsaw, Buddy Hutchins is out for blood.

         Buddy Hutchins begins at the end of the film. We see Buddy (Jamie Kennedy) in a blood-stained suit hiding out with a gun. This appears to be the final stand for Buddy but we later find out that he will be doing just fine. The film then takes us 60 days prior to the previous moment to show us what caused this downward spiral for Buddy.
         We are quickly alerted to Buddy’s unhappy marriage. His son Joel (Richard Switzer) hates his guts while his daughter Molly (Milana Lev) loves him unconditionally. Buddy’s wife Evelyn (Sara Malakul Lane), however, won’t forgive him for struggling with alcoholism. Buddy then finds out his cleaners is failing and it is the only thing he’s invested his money in. He believes his employee Allison (Erin O’Brien) has sticky fingers so he slights her on his paycheck. His other loyal employee Ryan (Demetrius Stear), hasn’t been paid by Buddy for quite some time and says he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep working for Buddy.
         Buddy then calls up his well-off gay brother Troy (Steve Hanks), who works in fashion, for help. He immediately gives him 12 grand and tells him not to screw up again. Buddy convinces Troy to stay for dinner with their mother (Sally Kirkland). Troy was hesitant because she hasn’t been so accepting of his sexuality.
         Whilst eating dinner, they all share happy times until Troy’s boyfriend Bobby insults Molly’s performance. As the film goes on, we can gradually see Buddy deteriorating. He hasn’t killed anyone yet but is on the right path. He has an uncomfortable conversation with his wife when he return home because he is now privy to her seeing the guy he thought was his only friend, Don (David Gere). Buddy sets a trap to catch them and this is one it all goes down for him.

         Buddy Hutchins is a dark comedy without a doubt. It tells the tale of a series of unfortunate events for one man. The film has a great pace because it keeps us wondering which awful thing will bring on the killing spree. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the deterioration of Buddy. Well done Jamie Kennedy! The comedy is actually the best aspect of this film because I felt Buddy was trying to get his act together but, people just kept screwing him over. I just felt as if everything happening to Buddy was all so ironic. This movie is also a great reminder of how fragile we are as humans. Bottom line: Buddy Hutchins is a must see! Comedy, Blood, and annoying supporting characters! What more could you want?


Spill some blood!

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